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Non US citizens travelling to/via the United States


January 2016


• You must have a valid biometric passport. A Danish passport issued after 1th. August 2006 is valid.


• The US Congress has passed a measure as part of a budget bill that will no longer allow citizens of 38

   countries, who have either travelled to Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan since 1th. March 2011 or are dual nationals

  of these states, to travel to the US without a visa. Please contact your local embassy.

  More information - clic here


ESTA ~ US Department of Homeland Security

All eligible international travelers who wish to travel to the United States or travelling across any U.S. boundary, under the Visa Waiver Program, must apply for authorization.

It is recommended to apply for ESTA at least 72 hours prior to departure.
Please find the application form on the following adress: ► HTTPS://ESTA.CBP.DHS.GOV

You will be able to pay the ESTA with your credit card directly at ►

If your application is rejected the paid fee will not be refunded.


All Non US citizens planning to travel to the United States should visit the following page for additional information: ►

Secure flight

US law requires airlines operating international flights to or from the United States to provide travel document data for all customers via APIS. The United States also requires reporting the visiting address of all customers who are Non US citizens and Non US residents travelling to the United States.

Please complete and send the form below as soon as possible to Top Rejser. Your ticket cannot be issued before these informations has been send.


Redress information

A ”Redress” number is a number assigned to certain passengers whose name appear on Selectee or No-Fly lists. In "misidentified" cases (where passengers name is similar to that of a person being sought by the TSA, but the passenger can prove they are not that person and that they simply have a similar name) they can apply for a redress number at the following address: ►

Please advise Top Rejser for any Redress number you may have.


We wish you a pleasant journey.


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